Monday, October 15, 2012

Clementine, The Lonely Steampunk Doll

Clementine awakes to find herself wallowing far too much in her own self misery. What good can that possibly do? The most likely result is that she would end up spending the rest of her life thinking about the impending monotony of the rest of her life. She can't do anything about these sad thoughts, though. Unfortunately, thinking this way is what she was programmed to do.

I must apologize. I have spent far too long away from my computer and my clay, fabrics and other materials. I have spent far too much of my time doing nothing. I've felt very lazy and unproductive, lately. Not a fun feeling. So! I'm going to try to kick it up a notch and see what I can do. I even have a new doll in progress right now!! I'll show some updates on my Facebook page soon. 

This post here is about clementine. I've wanted to make a steampunk doll for some time. This doll is simply my metaphorical toe, dipping ever so slightly in the waters of the steampunk world. I do intend to slip my entire foot in there in time, and even find myself splashing around, waste deep.  But, enough of the poorly conceived metaphors. 

There is not much to tell about the making of this doll. Her eyes are smokey black obsidian beads. I love these beads so very much, yet only twice have I used them and been completely thrilled at the outcome, Clementine being one of those two times. The other would be my bunny doll, Sunny Foofoo. Clementine's outfit is of very simple construction, I am aware of this. Sometimes I enjoy filling up the clothes with laces, frills, stains, buttons and beads. But sometimes, simplicity satisfies me best. This is just such a case. 

Usually a very exciting part of the creation for me, is picking out the fabrics and deciding on the look for the outfit and picking out the hair. But, I really had all of that in mind from the very beginning of this doll.

The hair color combination is my favorite part of this doll. One of the rarest of moments where my original vision actuals sees fruition. 

Although I didn't have very much to say about this doll, I did want to write a little post about her. Please feel free to come visit her here whenever you like. 

I'll be doing my best to get back on top of things. Look forward to more blog posts on dolls as well as other things that may be relevant to my life. 

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