Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter: Pandora's Box

If you live in the Northwest, perhaps you know about the process the soul goes through as the seasons change. As I'm aware that not everyone experiences the change of the seasons in the same way that we do, let me paint you a picture, if you're not from around here.

Mostly, the soul begins it's transformation as the summer begins to come to a close. We have survived that one heat wave sometime around August. It lasts for only one week, but since we're not acclimated to such warm weather, we feel the suffering anguish, and believe that it is quite possible we may die.

Around the time when a child's new school year begins, one starts to smell the crispness in the air, and feel the slightest cool breezes amongst the humid heat that has been looming for the last week or two. We see the slightest change of color on the leaves of the trees, and here there are many different colors and many trees have leaves so vibrant, it is difficult to believe possible. Yet, as the wind starts to blow stronger, and the air starts to become cooler, we revel in the feeling, as though we were standing on the top of some small rocky hillside, overlooking a valley. We imagine ourselves in that heaven that consists of throwing our hands out above our heads, closing our eyes, and becoming that free-spirited child that wishes they could live on that hillside forever, wind blowing in our snotty faces. We must cherish every moment of it, because it is the most beautiful, and yet lasts for so short a time. 

But, as the winter looms ever closer, our souls seem to join the nature of the season's change. We feel daunted by the coming cold which, in our minds, has become the dragon which must be slain inside that deep dark dungeon of impending doom. We look forward to the cold, the wind, maybe the snow (if we're lucky). Yet, when it comes, we become little hermits, closing ourselves up within our little houses, like scared helpless children who cower with their heads bent and hands clutching the back of their heads. 

If January manages to come around, perhaps we may see one day where blue sky has shown it's face along with the sun, and the clouds have slightly parted to the side. Maybe the rain that has plagued us for so long, is starting to dry up on the streets. We feel that glimmer of hope, as though we have witnessed that last little gift at the bottom of Pandora's box. Maybe, just maybe, we will see sunshine and warm weather up ahead, even though we do know that there must be that unrelenting shower of a canine and feline nature in the late spring. But, there is hope, and that one beautiful January day reminds us of that.