Wednesday, April 25, 2012



It is that terrifying thought of life being nothing more than perpetual inconsequence. The endlessness of the thought that things might be always the same. For Marcy it is the last straw. She is standing on that brink where tears are imminent. Mentally unstable, a breakdown is nigh. 

I took my time making Marcy. I really wanted to give her that expression of a feeling that everyone knows. That moment where a whole world and swirl of thoughts are violently fighting within your mind. 

What's crazy about such a feeling is there are so many different causes of this moment in one's thoughts. Is it a cruel word from someone, humiliation, a fall of pride, despair? Many different reasons, but all of them with the same result: an explosion in the mind.

I took my kids for a walk to Monticello's and its connecting Monti's Deli for lunch and a little antique/vintage shopping. It is just down the street, so we walk there rather often. As I was browsing the familiar Antique Mall rows, I spotted an old polka dot doll's dress with a huge blue stain on it. It was a dress for a large doll, so I knew I could work around the stain, but why someone thought they could get $6.50 for it I only know as being because I bought it. I took my time making this doll, however, and I am rather happy with how she turned out. At last she is here at the Lotus Asylum, and I hope you will take the time to visit her. She is quite upset, after all.  Visit Marcy.

Lotus Asylum  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Favorite things: Limes

Every now and then I will write about one of my favorite things. Many people certainly love that freshly squeezed glass of orange juice or lemonade, but have you ever tried limeade? It's quite simple really:

5 parts Water
1 part freshly squeezed Limes
1 part sugar

But really, much like many things that call for a whole part of sugar, it really is too sweet. So, of course, this recipe ought to reduce the sugar by 25-30%. I suppose I could have just written the recipe that way, but then what about those who prefer a whole cup of sugar in their Kool Aid? I figure you ought to know what you're getting, and definitely give yourself the amount of sugar that you would like best.

Limes are one of those things I've liked since I was quite young. I remember reading Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, and when I got to the part where little Amy March was ever so upset about her lack of limes, I asked my mother, "Do they actually intend to eat a lime all by itself?"  I think she mentioned that she supposed so, and since we were just heading inside the grocery store, I asked if I could buy a lime or two so I could try it. I've been in love with limes ever since. A mouth full of lime peel, making a lovely green smile and your breath suddenly seems a lot fresher. 

Indeed I do love limes, but since the weather is looking so lovely, I couldn't resist making a nice big jug of limeade, today. Go on, try it!

Lotus Asylum

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


There are simply no words in the English language to give quite the amount of credit that the lovely and extremely talented lady from Umlaut Graphics deserves. First, it is important that you understand that this is no artist who simply buys programs and tinkers around and figures she can make a few bucks providing a service. No, she is a professional graphics designer with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design . . . and it shows.

Why I must tell everyone about her is that she isn't simply a great designer or even an incredible artist, which of course, she is both (not to mention, she draws everything herself). Her greatest talent is seeing the client as though they were crystal clear. It is almost as though your personal style has become her style, and she knows exactly what you're looking for. She perfects beautifully what you, the client, didn't even realize needed perfecting . . . until you see it. She has a great eye and great skill.

Every time I ask her to do something, she blows my mind. She doesn't just do what I ask or imagine, she goes beyond, and sees the whole picture, the whole feeling, the final concept. 

And the best thing about Umlaut Graphics is that the prices are very affordable. I greatly urge you to go to this kind lady for any graphic design job that you might need. Even if you are relatively good at graphic design and think you could do what you need yourself, still I bet you she will provide you with something infinitely better and also more professional. You can enter her shop, here.

Lotus Asylum  

Monday, April 9, 2012


I must thank the new people who have liked my Facebook Fanpage. There have been so many new people and I am ever grateful for you guys who are keeping up with everything new that I do. Sadly, while I was sick a couple of days ago, now I am dreadfully sick, and the rest of my family is also dreadfully so. We've been keeping our hands warm by the fire. This is why I have not made anything new or done anything whatsoever. 

However, I want to bring to your attention this doll, Prudence. She has been a longtime favorite with many people over the time she has been staying at the Lotus Asylum, and I thought it was only right that attention should be brought to her. She is a strong soul and takes care of all the other girls in the Asylum but at the expense of her own happiness. She feels that it is her duty. 

So come and take a look at our dear Prudence and see if she speaks to your soul. I will be along shortly to add new sad souls to the Lotus Asylum.

Lotus Asylum

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring is Ever Here

Spring is always inspirational. The feeling, the colors, the general hope for brighter days and a summer of warmth and hopefully, little rain. With the help of my lovely forum friends at Etsy, I decided that I would make a post once a month, which will be "The Doll of the Month." I'm greatly looking forward to making just such posts every month. So this post is simply to tell you to look forward to a featured doll once a month. I am working on completing a custom order, but once it is finished, I shall make a doll worthy of displaying for all of you to see. 

This spring is lovely to me, so far, and I am greatly inspired by everything I see. These flowers above, we just bought, and they are so inspirational. I beg you to look forward to the new "Doll of the Month" which shall be coming very soon and within the week. Please have yourself a lovely Easter, and continue to have a lovely spring inspired moment, that only you can have. 

Lotus Asylum

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pixiebell, the Best Hats!

I simply must give brownie points, props, kudos, and a general shout-out to my favorite hat makers, Diane and Christopher Serviss of pixiebell at Etsy.  This hat you see above is me in the second hat I've purchased from them, the first being the one you see below. I love them both and get compliments everywhere I go. Just today, at the grocery store, the lady at the checkout complimented me on my hat, as well as a customer in the produce section. This happens regularly, and even on numerous occasions, I've written out the address of the shop so that people can go and buy one themselves. I actually would love to pay for my own business cards with their shop address on it, just so that I can save myself the trouble, as often as it seems to happen.

I truly recommend the pixie hat. It comes in many colors and it fits beautifully for any way you wish to wear your hair. I plan to get one in at least three more colors eventually, and let's face it, everyone wants to look like the girl in the photo. 

One thing I want to say about these hats: it's not just that they're some kind of novelty, or the picture looks pretty and therefor I want it. The patterns are truly perfected in a way that I couldn't imagine being able to do myself. They do sell their patterns as well, but I must inform you that even their choice of yarn is perfect. It is strong and long lasting. 

The greatest thing about Diane and Christopher, is that this is their day job. Both husband and wife knit, sell, and package their items every day, and they make a living off of it. With the quality of work that they do, they definitely deserve to be able to do this. 

Please, support them if you can. See if you can find something of theirs that you like. They are truly great at what they do. You can enter their shop here.

Lotus Asylum

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Alas, We Are Sick

Alas, it is a sick day for my children and me. It is inevitable, I think, when your children don't understand that covering our mouths when we cough isn't something we simply do for fun. One child, who shall remain nameless, was caught more than once, today, deliberately coughing on things. What goes on in a mind like that, I wonder? Perhaps, "If I cough on this flower, will it get sick, too?" I don't know, but one thing is for certain, this kid is making the rest of us sick very fast. It's the perfect time for him to learn proper sick-person behavior, I think.

If sick I were not, I would start my next doll. These colors you see here, have been staring at me all week, begging me to do them justice. It's not just these colors I like, but the textures combined. I think the yellow silk brings the other two textures together beautifully. It is surprising to hear that I look forward to working with such colors, I know. But, it turns out that I get excited about spring colors, just like everyone else. 

Cherry blossoms and warm breezes under an overcast sky make me just as happy as the next person. I am personally looking forward to a drastic change of scene and society. I shall justify the pink in the world by adding a healthy supply of black, wherever I go.

As you can see, I don't have anything entirely important to say, today. But, I did feel a great need to make myself heard. Now I shall lie down and take a nap.

Lotus Asylum

A Bouquet of Kindness

About two weeks ago, I went to our local New Seasons market and picked out a lovely bouquet of flowers. I left them with the flower lady to be wrapped, while I continued shopping and paid for them. Then I continued to walk right out of the store without remembering to take my flowers with me. I didn't realize what I'd done until the next day.

Then, on Sunday, I returned to our beloved neighborhood store, and thought I'd buy another bouquet, to replace the one I didn't have. As I was picking out the flowers I liked, the lady asked, "Did you leave your flowers here last week?" 

I was surprised she remembered, and said, "Yes. I forgot to take them." 

She said, "They told me it was the lady with green hair. You can have this bouquet for free."

I find that when you least expect it, the world can surprise you. Even something as simple as a few flowers. However, I wonder if she would still recognize me, now that my hair is pink.

Lotus Asylum

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Kara is a true alchemist. She transcends the trap of sorrow with her brilliant transformation of dullness into gleaming light. 

All of the other girls take from her the happiness that she creates for them. But then she is left with only sorrow. This is the price she's willing to pay, so that the others can be truly happy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Save a Bad Day!

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel very uncomfortable in your own skin? You don't know what it is, but nothing around you feels right, everyone makes you a little irritable, your house is a disaster and you don't want to clean it. Of course, people feel this way from time to time, but there's a difference when it's "uncomfortable in your own skin." That's when home doesn't even feel like home, you could be sure that you're not really you, and the things in the world that make you the happiest, no thank you!

Well, I have a suggestion for you: check all of your clothes for itchy tags. Sometimes you don't even realize that the only reason you're miserable is that you're wearing an old orange skirt with a maddeningly itchy tag, a wool sweater which should never have been made into one, and a pair of socks that just won't stay up.

Yes, we do all have days where we truly don't feel right in our skin, and I'll always wonder what causes us to feel that way. But, one thing is for sure! Sometimes, a very bad day can be turned around with a simple change of clothes.

Now, how about a hot cup of tea?

Lotus Asylum

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Art Dolls?

Every now and then, someone asks me why I make dolls and how I got started. I decided to answer that question, here.

There are many different things which inspire the notion to do something. I've always done many things, and have been inspired to try new things when I discover them. Dolls, however, was always this little idea in the back of my head, that I simply never got around to doing. 

About 5 years ago, I was intrigued by the idea of a gothic handmade doll. I didn't know what they were called or how to describe one, and searching for pictures was quite difficult, without knowing what I was looking for. Yet I found some beautiful work that to this day is inspirational in a way. 

I wanted to make some dolls,so one day I did just that and sold them. I started making them of cloth, and as I listed them for sale in my shop at Etsy, I noticed the terms art doll and OOAK. This "one of a kind" term was just the thing I needed to figure out what I really wanted to do. I looked up tutorials, instructions, and advice for every aspect of doll making and one day, I made one out of polymer clay. It's that simple. 

Why do I do it? I love my dolls and love that so many different souls and expressions are found in each new one that I make. I find that making these dolls is similar to writing in a journal. I give them my trouble or sadness of the day, and suddenly living becomes just a little easier.