Wednesday, April 25, 2012



It is that terrifying thought of life being nothing more than perpetual inconsequence. The endlessness of the thought that things might be always the same. For Marcy it is the last straw. She is standing on that brink where tears are imminent. Mentally unstable, a breakdown is nigh. 

I took my time making Marcy. I really wanted to give her that expression of a feeling that everyone knows. That moment where a whole world and swirl of thoughts are violently fighting within your mind. 

What's crazy about such a feeling is there are so many different causes of this moment in one's thoughts. Is it a cruel word from someone, humiliation, a fall of pride, despair? Many different reasons, but all of them with the same result: an explosion in the mind.

I took my kids for a walk to Monticello's and its connecting Monti's Deli for lunch and a little antique/vintage shopping. It is just down the street, so we walk there rather often. As I was browsing the familiar Antique Mall rows, I spotted an old polka dot doll's dress with a huge blue stain on it. It was a dress for a large doll, so I knew I could work around the stain, but why someone thought they could get $6.50 for it I only know as being because I bought it. I took my time making this doll, however, and I am rather happy with how she turned out. At last she is here at the Lotus Asylum, and I hope you will take the time to visit her. She is quite upset, after all.  Visit Marcy.

Lotus Asylum  

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