Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring is Ever Here

Spring is always inspirational. The feeling, the colors, the general hope for brighter days and a summer of warmth and hopefully, little rain. With the help of my lovely forum friends at Etsy, I decided that I would make a post once a month, which will be "The Doll of the Month." I'm greatly looking forward to making just such posts every month. So this post is simply to tell you to look forward to a featured doll once a month. I am working on completing a custom order, but once it is finished, I shall make a doll worthy of displaying for all of you to see. 

This spring is lovely to me, so far, and I am greatly inspired by everything I see. These flowers above, we just bought, and they are so inspirational. I beg you to look forward to the new "Doll of the Month" which shall be coming very soon and within the week. Please have yourself a lovely Easter, and continue to have a lovely spring inspired moment, that only you can have. 

Lotus Asylum

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