Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Bouquet of Kindness

About two weeks ago, I went to our local New Seasons market and picked out a lovely bouquet of flowers. I left them with the flower lady to be wrapped, while I continued shopping and paid for them. Then I continued to walk right out of the store without remembering to take my flowers with me. I didn't realize what I'd done until the next day.

Then, on Sunday, I returned to our beloved neighborhood store, and thought I'd buy another bouquet, to replace the one I didn't have. As I was picking out the flowers I liked, the lady asked, "Did you leave your flowers here last week?" 

I was surprised she remembered, and said, "Yes. I forgot to take them." 

She said, "They told me it was the lady with green hair. You can have this bouquet for free."

I find that when you least expect it, the world can surprise you. Even something as simple as a few flowers. However, I wonder if she would still recognize me, now that my hair is pink.

Lotus Asylum


  1. Love New Seasons and Portland for these reasons....and also love your story- especially your clever last line.....

  2. We are definitely spoiled here with New Seasons. Such a friendly place. Thank you!