Monday, April 9, 2012


I must thank the new people who have liked my Facebook Fanpage. There have been so many new people and I am ever grateful for you guys who are keeping up with everything new that I do. Sadly, while I was sick a couple of days ago, now I am dreadfully sick, and the rest of my family is also dreadfully so. We've been keeping our hands warm by the fire. This is why I have not made anything new or done anything whatsoever. 

However, I want to bring to your attention this doll, Prudence. She has been a longtime favorite with many people over the time she has been staying at the Lotus Asylum, and I thought it was only right that attention should be brought to her. She is a strong soul and takes care of all the other girls in the Asylum but at the expense of her own happiness. She feels that it is her duty. 

So come and take a look at our dear Prudence and see if she speaks to your soul. I will be along shortly to add new sad souls to the Lotus Asylum.

Lotus Asylum

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  1. Sorry to hear you're so unwell! Keep warm, take care and rest up! xx