Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Vision: Disembodiment

I had a vision last night, just before I fell asleep. I can't do exactly what I had in mind as of yet, because I haven't a clue where to get the hardware my brain envisioned. I suppose it would be like a ball jointed doll. I've never read up on making a BJD, but have been curious about it, and plan to try one day.

The idea I had was to make the limbs very simple, smooth, and perfectly round cylinders, painted brown-black. Then, I would attach them all together with metal male/female threaded fixtures. So, basically, all of the limbs could screw on and off. I originally imagined the hardware gold, but I greatly dislike gold, so I might consider something silver or copper. That first picture that flashed in my mind, did not feature joints that could bend, only the ability to screw on or off. After I thought about it, I realized I needed a combination piece that would allow them to move.

The bottom line is, I had this picture in my mind of a doll with a sort of modern, yet old-world "wood and brass" look. A little bit of sailor: the compass, clock, and depth meter; also, a bit of a gentleman's den or library: the pocket watch, letter opener, and fountain pen. Some might think I have a steampunk idea in mind, but I don't think so. I'm not thinking about technology, gears, or anything mechanical. I'm thinking more of an enlightened age of people, who would consider themselves civil or sophisticated, yet they see things more through a craftsman's eye. Maybe they see themselves as self reflecting, introspective, disembodied souls. The picture I have drawn above, doesn't even remotely show you what I actually have in mind to make. I want metal casings at every conceivable joint. The limbs screw apart, but so does the waist from the bottom, or the neck from the torso.

I don't know if I can find anything that might facilitate this vision of mine, but when I see it realized, I will definitely show you and write again. 

Now I'm sure I have thoroughly overwhelmed your head with too many words trying to describe a single image in too much detail, and perhaps even reading too much into it. Somehow, while I was about to write a couple of simple sentences on my facebook page about this, I found I had too much to say.

Today, however, I plan to make a pair of dolls to be sold together. It won't have the hardware, or the threaded joints, but it will be painted brown-black skin. Maybe a folkish dirty couple of kids. I'm not exactly sure, but I will keep you posted.

For now, stay crazy. 

Lotus Asylum

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