Friday, September 27, 2013

Tiqua and Memories Remembered

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Tiqua walked towards him in anticipation. "You look like every boy's fantasy, right now," he told her. She said, "I know."
Tiqua was curious about the laws of nature, and how those boys' brains worked. So, she tried out a stereotype to see what would happen. She was quite amused at the results.

This, in all honesty, is a true story. Do you ever suddenly remember something that you haven't thought about in a very long time, and stop and wonder about that moment for a bit? I do this from time to time. There are little secrets and stories that are things you just don't tell. So, today, I am baring all and being honest and transparent. This is a story that was never told.  

Perhaps there are little small moments in life that you have found yourself lingering at. Might they fit well in a book? Maybe one day, I can put one together that fits all of these little tidbits in a page that might last forever.

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