Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lotus Asylum: The Green Steps

The hall seemed to go on and on. I kept walking because I was curious, but more than once I thought about turning around and going back. There was no end to cell doors on the right. I didn't look into all of them. At first I did, and none were empty, but eventually I just wanted to find something new, a new place. There seemed to be no shortage of new places, lately. Why the mundane, now? 

I stopped walking. I looked down at my red shoes, then I looked up toward the long hall of doors. 

I suddenly wondered if maybe there was now nothing behind me, and I had to keep walking. Hesitantly, I slowly glanced behind me. I took a deep breath and sighed. To my relief, the long hall was still behind me. But, I now saw something else that wasn't there before. A wooden staircase, painted green, on the other side of the hall, from the cell doors.

I was intrigued. Things of color were delighting me in this place. This green set of steps were not there before, but I didn't care. I wanted to know what they were and where they would lead. I seemed to be in some kind of game, and I was ready to play. 

I carefully placed my red shoe on the first step, and my shoe turned green to match the stairs. I held it there while I considered whether I should remove it or not. Would it stay green or would it turn back to red? I made my choice by taking another red-shoe-turning step. I pretended not to care, but I did. 

Step after step, I kept walking upwards as the stone hall slowly disappeared.

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