Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Juliette is a walking contradiction. She is a pioneer woman with delusions of grandeur. She is a sensible, hard working girl who can make things happen and get things done. However, she seems to be under the impression that she's in charge of the asylum. It's exhausting, being delusional.

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I had fun making this little dolly. I was inspired when I saw these two little "fat quarters" for quilting (I often buy these for my little dolly dresses) at the fabric store. I couldn't resist, even though I only had a few dollars to my name at the time. I had this thought of a little Susie Homemaker/Lucille Ball type girl. I even thought about giving her a story about too much time in the kitchen. . . maybe even make her the asylum cook. I have made some "faculty" dolls, before. Yet, as I continued to spend time with her, she began to speak to me in a different way. As I usually do with my dolls, I let my own feelings bleed into hers and, not that I have any delusions of grandeur (in fact, I rather think that would be an interesting altered state of mind to have), I do find myself in a strange state where I'm running around trying to make everyone's life easier, or make things right, if they're not. 

My father once said that I was a "pioneer woman," that I was good at making things work, making things happen. If something was not right, I found a way to make it so. And when push came to shove, I've always been good at getting things done. I felt that this dolly needed to have that in her, somewhere, and as she came together, I was very pleased with my work. Oh, of course, I don't think she's the best thing I've ever made, or even could make, but I am happy with her. . . more so even than I expected to be.

I look ever forward to the new options that will open up to me with the new clay that will soon arrive. I think there is a new world–even a new venture out there for me, and I plan to explore the expanse of life that lays ahead of me.

Lotus Asylum

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