Saturday, March 30, 2013

Maude, and Judging People

This little dolly, Maude, came to me last night. She told me all about her continuing struggles. She tells me that she has a hard time seeing herself in the mirror. She has no problem understanding other people. Why can't she understand herself? I suggested that quite possibly, she is blinded by her need to judge everyone else's behavior. Just a thought. . . here she is.

She brought something to my mind, though. I cringed at the sound of my voice using the word "judge" in such a way. You see, I have this odd way of thinking. I hold certain points of view (just like anyone), but am so irritated by people who use such points of views, as a sort of thoughtless pedestal to stand on. It's like a bandwagon way of thinking and. . . phrasing thoughts? Maybe it's that I have this feeling that many people are saying "the right thing," but are just spouting what they've heard. Maybe it's possible they wouldn't hold this point of view, had no one ever told them about it. . . and they sure have a way of saying it the same way everyone else says it. 

This is how I feel about the word "judge." See, it has every bit of a place in the court of law, where actual judges preside, and judging must take place. But, not every opinion or point of view is a judgment. I find that many people are often so quick to say, "don't judge." When really, perhaps that person held no judgements of the other. They simply had an opinion (which last I heard we are all more than welcome to have) about life. . . which happened to coincide with someone else's life, thoughts, words, choices, etc. 

I suppose I'm saying: why must a moral opinion be considered a judgement of others? And in fact, even if it is one. . . why is "judging" always held so negatively? The very same people who would say "don't judge" would also express their horror at a person only suspected of rape and murder. What is it with this trend of insisting that everyone's morals be alike?

Don't get me started on the phrase, "Safety First!!" You see, I believe in being safe, and even in keeping it pretty high on one's mind. But, the fact that so many people remind and caution you to be safe (as if we could forget about the dangers our lives might face) in this same little hashed out phrase, "Safety First," irritates me. And probably making your voice go up at the end, and wagging your little finger condescendingly. . . is that it? Do I find it condescending? Who knows. I just think, "Be careful," is more than fine. 

One thing we do know is I have some major problems when it comes to watching people behave in these ways, alongside so many others behaving the same way. This is the first time I've ever publicly voiced these thoughts, that I can recall. I'll stop here. 

Thank you for letting me rant on this topic under the guise of showing you my newest doll.  ; )

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