Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Benjamin Blythe

Benjamin Blythe loves the girls he watches over. He strolls along the halls, checking on each one. The girls look forward to seeing him, he's very tall and mysterious. They don't know anything about him. He can be purchased here.

Benjamin Blythe is a unique sculpting experience, in that he didn't turn out even remotely like I planned. I planned to make a female doll as usual, but I did want to make it differently than usual. I wished to make a long face, longer body, and high eyelids. I did these things, but I didn't expect the doll to look like a boy.

Well, I discussed it with my husband, and he agreed that I should dress him like a gentleman. How could I resist something of a 19th century nature? So, I got started designing and sketching his clothes. The further along he came, the more pleased I was. You see, at first I was very disappointed with how he turned out. I will readily admit that he's not my best work. Yet, I put so many hours into the sculpting, I felt I had reached a point where there was nothing more I could do.

I love how he turned out, in the end.

Had this unexpected result occurred while making a custom doll, I would simply have made another one until I got it right. Every doll always has its own little personality, and has a place in the Asylum.

Stay tuned for my next doll, which will be themed in blues!

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